Waiting Patiently

Are you feeling tired of waiting for something good to happen? Like waiting for this pandemic to end, waiting for the situation to get back to normal, waiting for a job, or you waiting for that breakthrough in life. Well, we are all waiting for something.

I, for one, am waiting for the final approval of my study. So, I can finally get my Ph.D. degree. Also, I am waiting for some technicalities before launching my next e-book. This situation reminds me of my first e-book. I guess it is time to apply what I have written there.

Hey! You can do it, too. Why not grab your copy of the recently uploaded remastered version? You can download it through the link below. Let us, all together, make our season of waiting productive and healthy!


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Staying Single – A Choice or A Calling?

I wrote this five years ago. I believe it is still very real and relevant today. Allow me to share it with you.

“People are always in a rush for everything that’s why perhaps we are called the human race. But when you finally realized that you are in the right place and at the right time, things get to slow down, and you start living your life while enjoying each moment.” – From the movie, The Switch

The movie where the lines above I quoted from is not about singleness. In fact, it is about settling down with your best friend after an interestingly chaotic journey. However, the great lesson I got from the story is the reality of these lines as a single person.

Some, if not most people, think that if a person is single, either they are not happy or incomplete. Women suffer this kind of stigma the most. For this reason, some women make desperate moves, if not pathetic, just to avoid these labels. Well, I knew a few who actually did. Nonetheless, they are happy now and enjoying their married life. However, deep down inside, it is truly more than this stigma, but the curse of being “single and lonely.” For men, if you were still single in your late thirties or forties, people would assume that you are gay in the closet. That is usually the untenable judgment. Oh, and there is another thing that single people have to deal with. There is the endless question from one person to another of “why, how, and the epic, when.” Not to mention the idea or dream of having a family or children. All these realities in our culture and some I have not mentioned affect single men and women differently. It could be positively or negatively but mostly the latter.

Whether we like it or not, our society largely conforms to the concept of getting married and creating your own family as the ultimate goal in life that would surely make one happy and satisfied in life. I guess not anymore. Failed marriages, suffering children out of divorced parents, and broken families somehow contradict that idea. And unfortunately, they are all over the place. Thus, we need to recalibrate this kind of perception about singleness. Not every man or woman, whether they have chosen to stay single or viewed it as a calling, are not happy or living a miserable life. There are a quite number of men and women out there who are single and yet able to live a life with enough amounts of joy and contentment. “Is that even possible?” if you may ask. The truth is, yes, it is indeed possible.

When a person finally realized that he or she is in the right place and at the right time, he or she starts living life while enjoying each moment. When I say “each moment”, it means finding joy not only in good times but also in tough times as well. How? “Pursuing Christ and the path He has placed before us today will not leave us wanting” (Johnson, 2016), but only wishing or requesting. And whether these wishes or prayer requests are granted or not, we remain hopeful and yet contented at the same time!

“But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6: 33, ESV).” At first, I thought these words of God were easy. However, when I finally realized and truly understood what it means, through nurturing my relationship with Him, that inner peace, joy, and contentment in life, no matter what, is something I have never imagined I could possibly have! For a number of years now, I actually did. The Lord may or may not bless us with the things we’ve been asking for. But even if He does not, “what he has chosen to give us is His best for us, at least for today. If we are in Christ, nothing can compare to what He has already given and the grace He pours over us daily” (Johnson, 2016).

Staying single may or may not be a calling or even a choice for me and for every single man and woman out there. Only God and His time will tell. And “when we embrace this reality, choosing to trust He will give us everything He has ordained, we can receive the fullness of joy as we count all the ways He has given us His best today.” (Johnson, 2016)

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Mental Health & You

While waiting for the launching of my next e-Book, here is another opportunity for yours truly, a chance to impart some God-given knowledge and skills about mental health. In this time of crisis, dealing with its challenges is quite important. To function healthily and as normal as possible, despite the pandemic, should be our goal.

May be an image of Alain Delon and text that says 'L Mental IN THE NEW NORMAL Health AND YOU Topics: Mental Hea Ith and the New Normal Common Mental Health Challenges Self-care and Member care February 7:30 PM Fry5&12|7:30Ma via ZOOM Speaker: Alain Dizon MA, PhD Candidate'
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It’s been almost a year since the breakout of the pandemic. I hope you are still doing pretty well and living the life that God has called you to live, all for His honor and glory.

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A Gift From Failure

Yes, you read the title correctly. If we will choose to see it, there is always a gift that comes invisibly with our failures in life. My epic failure has motivated me to live the life I am living today. Also, it is the reason behind my upcoming e-Book entitled “How To Start Anew From Rock Bottom.” Thus, my epic failure is a huge gift.

By Yours Truly

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The Right Lens

One way to look at our difficulties in life, such as rock bottom situations, is to see them through the eyes of God. If you want to know more about starting a new life from rock bottom, check out my next ebook. It is to be released very soon!

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Simpler Life

Want a productive but simpler and less-stress life? Try these suggestions. Please kindly click the link below to read the whole article. It has only seven bullet points. See what you think you should apply to yourself. Live a simpler life.


Photo by the owner of the article above

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The Lowest Point

Hitting the lowest point in my life has become the greatest challenge I have ever had to face. But once I learned the truth, indeed, it has opened me up to the greatest change in my life. Do you know what truth that is? Find out in my soon to be published e-book.

When you hit your lowest point you're open to the greatest change. | Best  inspirational quotes, Powerful words, Inspirational quotes
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The Rock At the Bottom

Similar to many people who have experienced various kinds of losses in life, especially the year 2020, I hit rock bottom really hard once. However, like J. K. Rowling said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” But how did I do it? Find it out on my next e-book coming very soon! Watch out for it. Happy New Year to all!

Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom, so that you will discover that he  is the rock at the bottom. ---Tony Evans | Tony evans, The rock, Words  matter
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The Coin Perspective

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

It is always wonderful to look back and see the things that we can be grateful for. All things can be considered a blessing, good or bad, if you carry the coin perspective.

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The last year of this decade or the first of the next one is a year like no other. Although HIV is the pandemic I am already familiar with, Covid-19 is a virus that spreads faster and easier. Unexpectedly, at the end of the first quarter of 2020, it changes the lives of many, just like that. However, one thing has remained unchanged. God is ever more faithful throughout the year despite everything.

Our cohort started the year off with a two-day tour in Corregidor Island, a memorable start for 2020. In February, we had our first and last HIV Channels of Hope workshop for the teachers of NCST in Cavite. It would be the first and last travel and face to face workshop for this year.

Before the lockdown took place, the March birthday celebrators were able to gather with fellow AMARA counselors and friends to celebrate. Aside from the unexpected demise of my father, everything went pretty well the following months while staying at home.

All meetings, webinars, counseling, and church fellowship were done online. These are new ways of doing things that I had learned and learned to embrace and get used to. However, if there is one thing I consider an accomplishment during these challenging times, it is launching my first e-book! Please click the link below to get your copy.

Since I needed a platform for this new product, this weblog site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were also created and launched. Then, there is the upcoming launch of my second e-book very soon! And while preparing for its launch, I am currently writing my third book for a publishing company! I also plan to publish it as an e-book.

Still, a great year indeed, despite the financial, mental, and life-threatening challenges that the pandemic has brought. Not to mention that it has brought families and friends to stay connected and close to one another. God has remained faithful, and these are the blessings of 2020 that I am thankful for.

How about you? Instead of looking only at the bad stuff, why don’t you use the coin perspective to see your blessings that you can be grateful for despite tough 2020?


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