Gift of Affirmation

The unexpected touching words of affirmation are always a great reward for what I do. Sharing the story of my journey during talks and teaching puts me in a vulnerable situation. However, it is more liberating. It brings another layer of healing for my wounds. And not just me, but also my listeners. Here is a screen-captured photo of one of the many validations I received from people who were moved deeply by God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life.

I chose to share this one, for it not only touched me personally. Moreover, it made me realize the kind of impact we can have on people whenever we include our vulnerabilities in our stories. If you are curious to know what I am talking about here, you can click the link below to get your copy and find out.

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Emotional Truth

Whenever we face negative emotions and failures in life, our initial response is to avoid them. In a world that promotes too much positivity, feeling negative seems to be unacceptable. Rather than be judged or frowned upon, people chose to hide it instead of being open.

The healthy way of dealing with failures and negative emotions is acceptance or acknowledgment, dealing with it, and then overcoming it. The truth about our emotions is that they are valid, whether it is negative or positive. Emotions that make us human and real are opportunities to learn and mature in life. That opportunity is not only for you but also for the trusted person you will choose to share with it.

Photo from LinkedIn Post by Dr. Susan David

Remember, every experience matters, and it is important to be simply the real you. Hey! Please check out my latest e-book and get your copy now through the link below.

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Truth That Liberates

Positively overwhelming, encouraged, & grateful are some of the things I felt with private messages and comments sent to me. “It brings light and hopes to a lot of us, thank you,” one DM said.

I did not expect such encouraging messages to happen when I posted on Twitter about staying healthy. Perhaps, the fact that I put there that working out from home works out for me while living with HIV for fifteen long years has made that positive impact possible on some people. Some have privately disclosed their status to me and thanked me for letting them know that they are not alone in this battle. They are inspired and grateful that there’s a good life for them, too, after their diagnosis. People might think I am courageous enough to come out about my HIV but healthy status. Honestly, back then, I was scared to disclose because of stigma and possible discrimination.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Quote: “It is truth that liberates, not your effort to  be free.”
Photo from Google Images

As the years went by, I discovered that people have become more open-minded and educated. And that the more I tell people how I rose above this rock bottom situation (please click the link below for the full story), the more they respond positively. They encourage me to continue inspiring people. Personally, it’s liberating. The truth, especially the not-so-good ones, will truly set you free. There’s a freedom to live simply the real you. I am just happy to inspire, instill hope, and be a blessing to those who need it! God is indeed good to those who come to Him.

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In my counseling practice and, of course, life, I have learned that we need to reach our limits before we turn to the right path. All of us have a cross or two to carry daily in our lives. It is our constant struggle or the thorn in the flesh that we need to overcome. This thorn in the flesh causes us to lean towards the easy, pleasurable, but the wrong path.

Take gambling for easy money and casual sex as an escape, for instance. Our wicked heart and stubbornness will continue to believe that it is okay to take this turn until we are too broken and reach that limit, the feeling of hopelessness and desperation. Unfortunately, others choose to take their own life while others call for help. Like Milne said in the quote below, you are braver, smarter, and stronger than you think. Because that is how God has made us. His way of letting us reached our limit to be too broken and desperately hopeless may seem harsh and hard to comprehend. However, if you call for help from Him and His people, He will never let you down. He will lead you to the right path towards becoming the person He created you to be – to be simply the real you.

Photo from Google Images

Thus, when you reach your limit, turn to God despite knowing that you will fail time and again. God knows already when and how many times you will fail. Besides, Psalm 51: 17 (NLT) says, “The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.” Remember these Words of God when you reached your limit in life.

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Hidden Blessing

When we are in deep trouble, we tend to focus more on the problem itself. More often than not, we also tend to worry a lot about the uncertain future that appears bleak to us now because of that trouble. However, once we overcome that and look back, we realized that it has a purpose. It has a meaning. The trouble or trial that we are going through is where God often hides His blessing and purpose.

Photo from FB Tozer Page

As Tozer said, it is sweeter when that blessing comes our way. The truth about life and my purpose in life are some of the hidden blessings I already received from my rock bottom situation a long time ago. Seeing and receiving such hidden blessings depends on how we respond to our troubled situation. And it is what my latest e-book is all about. Download and get your copy now through the link below.

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Growth In Brokenness

If there is one thing I realized from the life challenges I have overcome, it is this. No one grows in comfort but brokenness. Aside from fleeting happiness and gratitude, nothing comes out of good times. Personality growth and amazing things happen only during and after brokenness through faith in Him and yourself (Joel 2: 25).

Photo from Google

High, plateau, and low moments of life, every experience matters. God has a purpose for all of it, especially the brokenness we are going through. Want some proof? Let me encourage you to download your copy and read my e-book through the link below. So, you’ll see it for yourself.

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Not Trouble At All

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced a certain lowest level. It is a time when others felt like things cannot get worse for them anymore. I got my fair share. So far, it was a rock-bottom experience, for it was the lowest possible level. It was the deepest trouble I got myself into.

Getting an HIV diagnosis, losing my last large amount of money, and losing the hope to recover such losses while having an unstable job all at the same time was my rock-bottom situation. It happened fifteen years ago. Looking back then, I did not realize that my deepest trouble is no trouble at all but a life challenge. As Jayson Lo said, it was training for me. It led me to a happy and contented life despite the other life challenges I am living today.

Photo is by Jason Lo

The question is, how did I do it? How this trouble trained me? And what significant life lesson it taught me? Well, guess what? You could find the answers to these questions from my latest self-published e-book, “How To Start A New From The Rock Bottom?” Remember, every experience matters. Get your copy and download it through the link below.

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Simply Grateful

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” – Luke 11: 28 (NIV). I did not know about being blessed, but I do know that I heard Him and obeyed. I might have dreamt of becoming a famous author once, but did not see it coming into reality. Honestly, I did not see myself as a good writer. All I know is that I have stories, knowledge, and skills to share that readers can learn from and get inspiration.

So, I simply put them out there and let God take care of the rest. In this post, I would like to thank those who purchased their copies already. Truly, I appreciate your never-ending support. Thank you so much, and God bless. You may get your copies through this link.

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Father’s Day

Similar to Christmas, not everyone likes Father’s Day for a bunch of reasons. And that’s a reality of life that we need to accept. Personally, neither do I like nor hate it. Issues between father and son are a huge factor for this stance. However, over the years, things had changed, especially now that he’s no longer with us for a year.

Photo of my father in the 70’s

When I turned my life over to Christ almost fourteen years ago, He has shown me that I have a perfect Father in God. Over the years, He has also shown me ways to work out my issues with my earthly father. So, eventually, I have come to accept him as he is. Several years before his unexpected and untimely demise, I have come to love him as he is, unconditionally. And truly, I am grateful for everything he has done and not done to me. For it made me the person I am today, successful (by my definition), happy, and contented. Remember, every experience matters. Therefore, good or not, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

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