The Light in Us

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What Scott has quoted in his article from makes it possible for me to accept anyone without outright judgment. It describes my true self, the real me before God through Christ.

As a person, I have decided to acknowledge the wickedness in me and surrender constantly it all to God. Hence, His light will continue to shine through my darkness. As a counselor, it helps me to see the goodness in my clients, or people in general, amid their life issues, their own darkness.

This light in us, like the sun, should continue to rise instead of setting. Through acknowledging both sides of us and incessantly offering it to Him, He will continue to transform us towards becoming the person He wants us to be. In Christ, we can be our true selves. In Him, you can be as you are, simply the real you.

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Another Opportunity

When a therapist is not doing counseling or psychotherapy, he is busy doing something else like reading about a case, writing a book or an article, and preparing for a psycho-educational talk. In my case, I have additional work. I have to finish my dissertation so I can finally get my Ph.D. degree.

For the coming week, I have three webinars that I am preparing for. One of those is this one. I’ll be talking about mental health, again, in the new normal.

Poster by Kier Ocampo

If my memory serves me right, this will be my fourth time doing this. Truly, the third wave of this pandemic is happening. Thus, I am hoping to do better than the last with little improvements in my presentation. Doing what you love to do is indeed a blessing. I feel nothing but grateful to God for this another opportunity and excitement for my audience, who are young leaders in their church and community.

Thank you, United Methodist Church – Baguio Episcopal Area, for this another opportunity to become a blessing and be blessed as well. Looking forward to virtually see you all.

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Nothing Is Wrong

Yes, nothing is wrong with seeing a therapist. More importantly, seeing a therapist does not mean that something is wrong. And even if there is, the more it is right to see a therapist or counselor.

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“There are as many reasons to see a therapist or counselor as there are people. We can go to therapy or counseling, even when things are going great.” Let us remove the stigma on mental health issues and therapy. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has emotional issues and baggage.

It is a reality that everybody has to accept. We are all broken people. All of us are whole and broken to a certain degree. Some are just more broken, while others are more whole. But, all of us have issues that we grapple. Thus, be more understanding and patient towards each other.

Nothing is wrong with seeing a therapist like seeing a doctor when you are ill.

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Perfect Timing

When we talk about timing or even perfect timing, we are also talking about waiting. Waiting is something that we do virtually all day every day. Wanna bet?

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Everything that we do entails waiting. We are waiting for something to start or to finish. We are all waiting for someone or something to arrive. We are all waiting for a certain holiday, or celebration to come. We are waiting for a meal or snack time so, we can eat our favorite food. We are waiting for almost everything.

Unlike God, who is not in a hurry, we are all within the flow of time. “Waiting often feels like an eternity. Everybody is waiting for something. Waiting for relief, waiting for an answer to prayer. Waiting for a dream to be fulfilled. The people who have grown deep in their relationship with God have learned to wait with anticipation instead of worry. They know that God keeps His promises, so they don’t fret over whether the fulfillment will come, but only when it will take place” (Swindoll, 2014, Perfect Timing).

What are you waiting for right now? What does it mean to you that God is always on time? This is what the LORD says in Isaiah 49: 8, “At just the right time, I will respond to you. On the day of salvation, I will help you.” You can make your waiting time productive. Wanna know more? Today is your perfect timing! Click the link below and get your copy now.

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Simply Reality

Are you living your life simply getting by or consciously feeling each moment? Most of us get caught up easily in the everyday cycle of our life, especially if you do things routinely. When this happens, we tend to forget to be present in each reality that is happening inside and around us.

Soren Kierkegaard said, ” Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”

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However, many of us are living a life like it is a problem to be solved. This is quite understandable. We have daily needs that should be provided for through hard work. Also, this depends on your role in society. A parent has a different reality from single people or children.

For existentialists, your life and the realities in it should have meaning. For Christ-followers, your life and its realities should have a purpose in God. Regardless of how you consider your life is, it is important that you live your life, not a problem to be solved. But live your life like a reality to be experienced day after day. Do not think much ahead or of the future. Learn to live in the present moment.

Live your life in the present reality and experience it. Through this way, you will experience less stress or worries, and less anxiety, but more gratefulness, joy, and inner peace. Hence, be in the moment. After all, your precious life is simply reality.

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Reality Check

Last week I was able to visit, again, my apartment in the capital city for the second time since the pandemic and quarantine have started. Thank God for my cousin, who willingly allows me to hitch into his car, going back and forth. No provincial buses are allowed yet to travel. So, he is a blessing during this time of crisis.

During my five-days stay, I needed to get out only twice. Staying at my small studio apartment as much as possible remains my goal each time I go to the city. The first necessary trip out was to pay the bills and get supplies from the supermarket. The second and final one was the long-overdue meeting with a friend. At the same time, I satisfied my craving for this particular fast food. So, I also had eaten out.

On the way back to my apartment, the comfy but a little longer way from the train station is to walk through inside the two closest malls. As I was passing by the department store, I have noticed that many items are on sale. However, this one made me stop and stare.

If there is one thing that brings me joy, it is a pair of new shoes! As I looked into different beautiful designs, I consciously stopped myself. Let us get real here, dear self. “Yes, you can modify your budget a little for two pairs of new shoes. It is in the sale! The question is, where are you going to wear them? You are staying and working from home most of the time. Besides, you do not need it. You just want it.” This was my dialogue with myself.

Thus, I acknowledged the fact that I only like a couple of pair of shoes because it is on sale. Then, with a deep sigh, I left and walked away but feeling perfectly fine. I am convinced that I do not really need them. Additionally, I have nowhere else to wear them! So, I am good. Aside from being practical, also, I am simply being real.

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Another Option

It has come to my attention that some are having a challenge with Payhip, Paypal, or both. My sincere apologies. Here is another option for you.

Yes, that is right. You can personally send me a message through whatever social media app you are comfortable using with such as email, Facebook, and others that I also have.

Just a quick lesson learned. I had lost potential learners and customers just because I kept directing them to the way I want. Then, it is not customer-friendly behavior I think. We want to serve our clients in the best way we could where they feel safe and happy. In other words, since I am new to this online selling, I have to keep an open mind attitude. Although I believe I have a valid reason, which is to track my sales easily. I learned that I need to develop other ways for my client’s satisfaction.

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Simply Grateful

Simply grateful to all the people who downloaded the eBook already. Thank you so very much. Please feel free to send in your short reviews, feedback, or any comments. They are highly appreciated. For those who do not own a copy yet, what are you waiting for? You may download it at the link below.

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Simply The Real You

One of the common sources of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression especially nowadays is pretension. It happens when you are not acknowledging and embracing your true self. When you pretend, you are living with your false self.

Understandably, this defense mechanism used by almost everyone is quite common. And most people are not conscious that they are employing it. We all want to appear strong and okay all the time. But the truth is, our weaknesses get into us. It makes us vulnerable…and that is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and feeling weak at times. You will not die if you ask for help.

Asking for help is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness like most people believe. Here’s the thing – if you are most likely pretending to appear okay and strong to people around you, it will cause you some of the psychological distresses mentioned above. Thus, to prevent this, you need to be in your authentic self more often.

Photo taken from Facebook of Henry Cloud.

Like what Henry Cloud said, “If you can’t be your authentic self, you are connecting with the wrong people. They are wasting your time and holding you back. Meaningful connections require you to be your authentic self.”

In these times of crisis due to the pandemic, most people are waiting for it to end. While waiting, you can spare yourself from mental health suffering by being true to yourself. Consequently, stay true to the people around you. Nobody likes fake people anyway. Hence, it is better to be simply the real you.

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Wisely and Proactively

“Thus, do not let your time or season of waiting to go into waste. Make it worthwhile. Use it wisely and proactively. Because ‘waiting is one of God’s preferred methods of preparing special people for significant projects. The Bible makes that principle plain from cover to cover’ (Swindoll, 2005). We are all waiting on God at different times in our lives. In waiting, the Lord is with you and I, He is faithful!”

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